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Verle Judd OD

Verle Judd got his bachelor's degree from the University of Houston and his professional Optometry Degree from San Antonio's Rosenberg College of Optometry. His wife and 5 children are expecting a baby boy at the end of this year! He loves his family and his patients dearly and he has personally found a love for being a Life Coach. Verle is incredibly thoughtful and caring and he's able to guide his family, friends, staff, and patients through their challenges on a variety of levels. Ask to see Dr. Judd at Eye Central if you're interested in an eye exam with a side order of compassion with wise guidance.

He is licensed to practice full-scope optometry which includes major and minor eye surgeries, dry eye treatment, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, and macular degeneration management.

Dr. Judd also is the best Specialty Contact Lens fitter this side of the Mississippi! He has proven successful with the new Personalized Scleral Lenses. Eye Central offers these custom lenses in Shreveport at a cost that is half the price of our closest competitor in Dallas Texas.