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Kyle Andrus OD

Kyle Andrus attended BYU for 4 years, then completed his professional Optometry Degree from the Illinois College of Optometry. He and his wife raised 7 children who are now grown. He is licensed to practice full scope optometry which includes major and minor eye surgeries, dry eye treatment, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, and macular degeneration management.

Dr. Andrus has practiced optometry for 38 years which makes him the most experienced doctor we have on staff. He's a model of hard work and discipline as he's able to deliver high quality eye exams at a consistency that beats out all our younger optometrists! If you want to request a solid, caring, and wise eye doctor be sure to ask for Dr. Andrus. He turns out to be the best fit for a large majority of our patients. 

He enjoys gardening and woodworking. He used to play a variety of sports prior to a knee injury. Currently his favorite hobby includes playing with grandchildren.