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Dr. Bradly Larson


Dr. Bradly Larson fell in love with the miracle of the human body back in college. He says, 'I was motivated to become an optometrist by the love and amazement which struck me for God's greatest creation, our bodies. And the eyes are the crown jewel of His work.' Dr. Larson shows his enjoyment evaluating the eyes of every unique individual every day,. including diabetic problems, dry eye, pink eye, injuries, and much much more. Dr. Larson specializes in LASER surgery in patients with glaucoma and cataracts and teaches optometry students from San Antonio's college of Optometry. He also loves giving children their first pair of glasses, and showing adults that contact lenses can free them from those bifocals and readers! He's all over the place. Dr Larson and familyDr. Larson and his beautiful wife enjoy having 5 boys and 1 new baby girl. While struggling through school, Dr. Larson mentions how he had personal experience being on MEDICAID. 'Seeing how doctors would treat my children so badly because of our insurance really affected me. I pledged back then to never do that to my own patients, but that I would treat everyone equally. That's the right thing to do.'