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Meet The Optometrist

Meet the experienced and friendly doctors and staff who make Eye Central the leading provider of vision care products and services in Shreveport.

  • Dr.
    Bradly Larson

    Dr. Bradly Larson fell in love with the miracle of the human body back in college. He says, 'I was motivated to become an optometrist by the love and amazement which struck me for God's greatest creation, our bodies. And the eyes are the crown jewel of His work.' Dr. Larson shows his enjoyment evaluating the eyes of every unique individual every day,. including diabetic problems, dry eye, pink eye, injuries, and much much more.

    Dr. Larson specializes in LASER surgery in patients with glaucoma and cataracts and teaches optometry students from San Antonio's college of Optometry. He also loves giving children their first pair of glasses, and showing adults that contact lenses can free them from those bifocals and readers! He's all over the place.

    Dr. Larson and his beautiful wife enjoy having 5 boys. While struggling through school, Dr. Larson mentions how he had personal experience being on MEDICAID. 'Seeing how doctors would treat my children so badly because of our insurance really affected me. I pledged back then to never do that to my own patients, but that I would treat everyone equally. That's the right thing to do.'

  • Zelmira Farmer

    Dr. Zelmira Farmer was raised in Houston, Texas. She received her Bachelor of Life Sciences degree from Arizona State University and was a medical technician in the United States Air Force Reserve for 11 years. She then went on to graduate with honors from MCPHS University School of Optometry after completing one year of externships. Dr. Farmer was trained in treating ocular diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and many more.

    She also completed an externship specializing in fitting specialty lenses which help enhance vision for patients with keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, dry eye and other forms of corneal disease. Very few doctors exist like her who can fit all lens types, from RGP hard contacts to the new and innovative Scleral lenses. Dr. Farmer takes pleasure in working with people and helping them achieve their best vision and optimize their ocular health. She takes the time needed on everyone and makes sure to address their every concern. Once a patient sees Dr. Farmer, they request to see her from that point on.

    Her talents are invaluable. She makes EYE Central capable of treating nearly every type of eye problem imaginable. In her free time, Dr. Farmer enjoys spending time with her husband and family, playing tennis, traveling and reading.

  • Barbara

    Barbara is the favorite of hundreds of our patients. She has impressive experience working in the optical. We welcomed her to our office after the nearby office, 'Eyes and Eyewear' closed down. We are so lucky to have her join our team. She provides phenomenal service to everyone and makes sure you leave looking great and seeing your best.

  • Tamiko

    Tamiko does an incredibly impressive job at making sure that you get all the help you need in our optical. She has a talent for taking the stress away from shopping for glasses. If you spend any time with her you are guaranteed to feel uplifted by her enthusiastic spirit. With her experience, expansive knowledge, and care you'll be leaving our office feeling better than when you came in.

  • Marie

    Marie does an exceptional job at our front desk. She has a wealth of knowledge on many aspects of eye care and especially regarding the complex vision plan and insurance systems that make the rest of us dizzy. Ask her anything and she'll be very happy to help.

  • Rachelle

    Rachelle does an amazing job working behind the scenes. She has been a wonderful addition to our team after working at Eyes and Eyewear which recently closed up. She is incredibly bright and helpful and you might be lucky enough to work with her in person, or speak with her on the phone when you have questions. She is the ultimate source of knowledge of knowledge regarding many complicated aspects of keeping Eye Central alive and healthy.

  • Shane

    Shane is always doing a terrific job welcoming everyone as an Ophthalmic technician. He specializes in working patients through a variety of very fancy instruments such photographing your retina, autorefraction, testing the strength of your visual field, and ocular coherence tomography to name a few. He's also the number one guy that will make sure you end up getting the perfect contact lens. His talents are a great addition to our office.


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